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i am trying to connect my xbox 360 to windows media player 11 via my pc, i have followed all instructions that i can follow given on the site but my pc does not have a list of things to share my media with, im not sure what is wrong, but just in case it has something to do with the way i am connected, here is a brief description:

i have an ethernet cable that runs from my 360 straight into the back off my pc, the pc is then connected to the internet via a wireless network USB adapter that gives a wireless connection to the family network, so why cant my computer read that the 360 is there?
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  1. the network cable you would need would be a cross over cable if you hook the xbox directly to the back of a PC.

    This peer to peer connection requires you to specify an IP address on your Deskop and on your XBOX360

    for the testing portion i would recommend disabling the wireless network

    after you have added media to your player it should be able to be shared
  2. not sure what you mean by that, i alrady have a thing to connect my 360 to my comp and mypc to my internet not what cords do i need to connect 360 to pc, so that didnt really help, however thanks for the try.

    i was looking for more of suggestions on how to change my setup without disconnecting my 360 from the internet and still allowing windows media center to connect to my 360
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