Bottleneck and Upgrading Issues

Really need to sort this out.

I got a Pentium D 925 with a DG31PR mobo with a 9600GT. Problem is, i cant play any games without any lag. Even in low resolution, games lag like hell! I'm considering it as a huge bottleneck from the CPU.

So I gathered up some sites of comparing some low priced gaming CPU's. So would it be better if I bought a Dual-Core E6500? Would it still lag?
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    Check if its compatible with your mobo.

    a pentium E6500 is FAR superior to an old Pentium D.

    Your 9600GT is capable of good performance on medium settings at the 1680x1050 resolution - shouldnt be anything to do with that.

    So the answer to that, if compatability is factored in, is no, it shouldnt lag with a new CPU.
  2. Yes I checked and it is compatible.

    Okay then I definitely need to upgrade.
  3. Good luck and happy gaming :D
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