My PSU is making a ticking noise?

I got my Kingwin LZ 1000W just a few days ago. I`ve noticed that it does produce a ticking noise after awhile of usage. However, the buzzing isn`t always there. I`ve requested a RMA from newegg and was accepted. Though I am scared that when they process it, the clicking noise wouldn`t be present and I would be denied the replacement. What should I do?

More info : It does tick even when the system is powered off, though less loud. Even though I switch the switch to off in the back of the PSU, it still persists. The only way to make it stop is to unplug the cable from the outlet, but when I plug it back in, it restarts. So I assume that it IS faulty? It
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  1. Sounds like something is arcing within the PSU. My theory is that a capacitor is discharging onto something else in the PSU that shouldn't be.

    Moral of the story: DEFINITELY not normal. In fact, it could be very dangerous. Unplug the system and leave it alone until the new PSU arrives. You can fry components and cause fires with arcing PSUs.

    You have been warned. ;)
  2. Newegg doesnt make judgement calls on if its broken or not, if you send it in they will ship you a new one once they get yours, they send it back to the OEM to get it checked out.

    As for the issue itself, the fact that the ticking persists with the switch on the back of the PSU switched to off is scary, once you do that no power is flowing into the PSU at all, even for the standby circuit, its effectively the same as pulling the power cord, the fact that there is a difference in behavior between those two is concerning and definitely a sign of something bad in the PSU.
  3. My 1st guess was that it could be a fan nicking something as in some PSU's fan may continue after system shutdown.....but switch at back should kill even that. I wouldn't expect much from a Kingwin .... it's not a brand I'd stick in one of my builds.
  4. actually the kingwin lazer golds are nice power supplies...

    but you should be aware that it is a common misconception that the switch on the back of the psu turns it completely off. actually it doesnt. it just turns off part of the pfc/apfc circuit that supplies power to the rest of the psu, so its really only 3/4 off, theres still some juice flowing around in there!
  5. well, I'm just going to give my thoughts (from my friend), he says that PSU might produce noise if there's not enough power used. Currently, I'd say i'm using just under 300W from the 1000W supply. (I have no graphics card yet), maybe?
  6. well i have a 750 pc P&c silencer psu, when put on one of those little psu it squealed due to low load, the addition of an hdd fixed that. so it shouldne an issue, at anything over like 10w
  7. well, I just got the replacement. the buzzing noise is still there. when I plug in my 9500Gt, it seems to get worst. Could this srsly be a case of too much wattage for my rig ? o_o.. (1KW for a phenom x4 965 + a 9500GT)
  8. no, not too much wattage...the more the merrier!
    did u try replacing the psu yet?
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