Asrock AM2NF3-VSTA and Sata DVD

Currently this machine has a Sata 500Gb hdd and a Pata Optical drive and all is fine.

I've just resurrected a Samsung/Toshiba TS-H653N and tested on another machine (Foxconn mobo) and it works perfectly. But on this machine nothing will persuade bios (v P3.10) to recognise it.

It powers up ok. I've tried it with known working data cables in both sata ports, with and without the existing pata drive connected.

I know that the mobo is only sata1 (150mb/s) but don't know if the dvd drive is sata1 or sata2. If the latter could this be problem?
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  1. OK. I suppose those who have read this are as defeated as myself?
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