Help me!!! :(

ok this is going to be like an essay.

1.This is my new pc(brought in april)
asus m4785tdv evo
amd phenom II 965 3.4ghz
zion ddr3 1333mhz
seagate barracuda 500gb
coolermaster 460W psu

2.The first problem was that my mouse used to freeze,thought it was a driver conflict issue but no matter how many times i
reloaded windows 7 it kept occurring.guess my ps2 port problem.

3.Then i got my new gfx card hd4670 512mb.After installing the card i began to notice these waves which ran diagonally
across the screen.. it wasnt that noticeable so i ignored it.

4.My pc sometimes restarts all by itself but its rare though.

5.Now for the last 3 days my computer screen completely (freezes ctrl+alt+del dsnt work) if i warm reboot it the screen goes black.
When i cold boot it the computer asks me to "press F2 to load default values" and on top its written like DDR3-1333 ram Deranged

6.I went to the ran event viewer, under the administrative events there are loads of warnings their sources are - DNS client events,Kernel power(critical),service control manager,rtl8167.

7. i dont hav a ups run it directlt from the wall.

Hoping my pc is all ryt.. this is my first built n im kinda upset with the way its going :(
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  1. oh ya n im running my pc without the gfx card for the time being.. just to see if the card is causing the problem.
  2. I think its the 460W Power supply, I have a similar system to the one you stated and I use a 750W PSU.

    Borrow a 650W+ PSU from somewhere and see if these problems disappear.

    2-6). All indicate to me a likely PSU problem, because its only a 450W I don't think that the PSU is faulty but just not enough power to support your computer specs.

    7). UPS isn't required for most users, It is just there to give battery power to the units its connected to once a fault occurs on the power grid. I'd recommend a surge protector if you are worried about power surges, but most houses these days have surge protectors built into the power boards.

    So get a higher power output PSU and you should be fine. (I'd also suggest reading the gpu box to see what minimum power requirements are also.) Maybe get something abit bigger than suggested to future-proof yourself also. :)
  3. hmm ok so i should really get a good psu... thanks a lot man.i was really beginning to think that my pc is falling apart.
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  5. nC3rtainity said:
    hmm ok so i should really get a good psu... thanks a lot man.i was really beginning to think that my pc is falling apart.

    No Worries, :)

    I've also looked into it abit further for you and you need a 650W PSU minimum, but I'd recommend a 750W.

    AMD Phenom II 965 (3.4 GHz) - 125W
    ATI HD4670 - 210W
    DDR2 1333mhz - 180W
    seagate barracuda 500gb - 15W
    MB + Externals (estimate) - 100W

    These are peak values, so when your pc is under full load this is how much they will drain in Watts(W) per unit.

    If you plan on upgrading your pc in the near future or inserting a second gpu go for a 950W PSU.

    So to break it down, 650W is minimum, 750W is recommended and 950W if you want to future-proof your pc for an upgrade.
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    oh please a 4670 can run on a good 350 watts

    the breakdown is more like

    cpu 125
    4670 80
    ram 150
    hdd 10
    externals 120

    now that is at absolute 100% load witch is very unlikely in anything beyond competitive benching

    that power supply is total crap only cooler master power supply half decent is the silent pro series

    get a decent power supply


    antec(not the bp line under 500 watts the 500 and 550 are ok)/seasonic/corsair/enermax/ocz (400 watts only)/thermaltake(lite power and tr2 line is crap)

    in the 400-500 range or more depending on your budget
  7. thanks for all the help guys.. the problem was with my CMOS battery.coincidentally my music systems remote uses the same battery as my mobo swaped em n now my pc is working just fine.cheers!!! :D
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