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hello all,

i'm new to this site because i hope someone here can help me with my problem.

i have a computer that needs to connect to the internet just long enough to register a program, so i only need a temporary solution at any usable speed. the network card is physically broken.

i have an epson stylus photo tx700w printer that connects to my network through ethernet, USB, wireless, bluetooth or memory card. i assume it may be possible to bridge or tunnel an internet connection through the printer.

i vaguely remember from my days on freeBSD that i could mount a port through SSH tunnelling, but in this case the target computer is windows XP and this laptop is windows vista. also, i don't know how much control i actually have over the printer's internal settings.

does anyone believe it may be possible to achieve a temporary internet connection through the printer in this case, or am i just barking up a tree?

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  1. I think it would be a lot simpler to buy a network adapter -- PCI for desktop costs next to nothing or USB for laptop, still pretty cheap. Or just borrow one.

    The new unit will probably coexist quite happily with the broken one if you can't remove that.
  2. thanks, i figured that a new network card would be the go, but i live a bit far from the computer shop.
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