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Hello, I am trying to upgrade the RAM on my Desktop PC from 4GB to 8GB. I have an ABIT IX38 Quad GT motherboard and according to the manual it can be upgraded to 8GB. My manual says it takes 4x 240-pin DIMM slots support maximum memory capacity up to 8GB. It supports Dual Channel DDR2 1066/800 memory. Can someone please link me the kind of memory I need to get 8GB of RAM? My motherboard has 4 slots. Thanks!
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  1. need to look at what RAM you currently have installed and match the newer RAM to it.
  2. The RAM I have in there now is 4 - 1gb sticks, so I will probably have to just throw that RAM out and buy all new RAM since I only have 4 slots.
  3. you can determine the right type of your motherboard by searching in google and type model of your motherboard from their you will find the right specifications for your ram and other hardware .... hope it works..
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