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Hello,guys i wanna play strategy games on a pc which also lookka very stylish can any one help me figure out my configurations?
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  1. How much money do you want to spend?
  2. Quote:
    intel i7-950
    Gigabyte X58A-UD3R (USb3.0, SATA III )
    Kingston DDR3 1600mhz tri-channel kit 3x2GB
    2TB WD HDD
    Gigabyte GTX470 superOC 1248MB

    Probably a little overkill for strategy games.
    Even a Phenom II X4, 4GB DDR3 Ram, GTX 460 and a 1TB hard drive would do. That also cuts the cost ALOT.
  3. LOL, budget would be nice... That's like saying hey I would like a nice car can you suggest one.
  4. Putting together a computer that does a function does not require a budget, it does require some other info though...look at some other postings and use the proper format, they have questions like country/brand preference/needed components, etc. BTW you will probably be under 700 for what you want assuming you have a monitor, keyboard, OS, etc, otherwise shoot for under a grand.
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