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I recently bough an athlon processor 754 pin and it wont work on my computer... i reset bios and adjusted the drivers but still getting blue screened. My only geuss is that it uses too much power and it causes the 65 watt mobo to fail considering the athlon 4000+ runs at 62 watts. Anyon have any idea to make this thing work or should i just send it back? Oh and btw i'm not planning on getting a new computer anytime soon so please don't suggest it, thanks :)
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  1. I thought the highest 754 went was the 3700+. Didn't know there was a 4000+ for 754. Anyway, did you make sure that your BIOS supports that particular chip? It's possible you just got a dead chip, especially if you got it used since less knowledgeable or lazy people are more likely to damage it with static.
  2. What board did you get exactly and what is the exact model of the chip?
  3. well my laptop is a compaq presario v2000 with the stock mother board. Right now it runs the turion ml-28 (1.6 ghz) but anyway here are the exact specs for the chip...

    Mobile Athlon 64 4000+ 2600 MHz 1024 KB 800 MHz 13x 1.35 V 62 W Socket 754 August 16, 2005 AMN4000BKX5BU
  4. is it possible to run a 62 watt on a 65? i feel like the other hardware would push it over the peak wattage.
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