Patriot 1333 4GB (10666) or Patriot 1600 8gb (12800?

I currently have 4GB of the 1333 Patriot Sector5 Viper II, but a friend will sell me his 8-gig kit for $25. Seems like an offer I can' t refuse, but does anyone info on the 1600 Patriot Sector 5 Viper II series? Like, does it have some extremely high latency or something?

I went to Best Buy last year and got an 8gb kit of some Corsair. Ran at 9-9-9-24. The stuff was garbage, even being a whole 4gb more of space, the stuff was just straight garbage. The specs on the 1600 Patriot stuff my friend is selling me is 8-8-8-24, so that's sort of a toss-up for me? Anyone have any suggestions? I wanna up my RAM without losing performance.
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  1. Ram is Ram. If it's compatible with your MB it's going to run the same speed at the same latency/timings. As far as Corsair's brand of ram they are good quality you might have just gotten a bad stick. Obviously the heat spreaders aren't going to be an issue since you have the 4 gig set. You'll see maybe a 5% performance increase going from 1333 Cas 9 to 1600 Cas 8. $25 bucks for an 8 gig kit is a steal.
  2. Right on, that's basically what I wanted to hear. I've had luck with Corsair in the parts (Like 5-6 II days).

    I think the RAM i performance at Best Buy was their absolute value RAM, because it was like like $54, and that was nearly two years ago.
  3. Yeah most likey. Best Buy is happy to sell bargain computer parts at premium price. Kills me that they still sell the 5770 at MSRP.
  4. masseybe84 said:
    You'll see maybe a 5% performance increase in memory i/o going from 1333 Cas 9 to 1600 Cas 8. $25 bucks for an 8 gig kit is a steal.

    In an Intel system, that will translate into a barely noticeable (if you are lucky) increase in overall system performance.

    AMD system? Can't say for sure.
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