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Centon DataStick Sport 64GB read only issue

All of a sudden my 64GB thumb drive says it's read-only. Only about 2 GB of stuff on there. This is the case in Windows7, Vista, XP, and MacOS. Cannot reformat, or repartition. Still reads fine. Fat lot of good a 64GB USBstick is if I can't write to it anymore. What's up? Any way to correct this? Cannot find any kind of switch on it.
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  1. Videoterry did you ever find a solution for this problem? I have a Centon 64gb drive that was working fine and then out of nowhere it somehow became 'Read Only' And just like yours I cannot reformat or re-partition. I've searched numerous forums and sites for a solution to no avail. There is no write protect switch on it so that's not the problem. Trying the 'disk manager' does not work because you get the No Permission message...What I have found though is, There are several post about the same problem with the Centon 64gb DataStick Pro. :fou:
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    I opened Disk Utility on my Mac and erased the Centon 64GB drive and reformatted it and works just fine.
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    Thank you v much, tried many suggestions this one finally worked. Ran utility twice on xp and drive was recovered however as a 32gb not 64gb. still better than having no drive.
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