Anyone suggest Crucial or have a good review?

I'm looking to upgrade my memory. I have the P67 chipset with 8GB Kingston @ 1333. I was thinking of either switching to 8GB Corsair @ 1600 (I heard 1600 works well for my mobo) or just adding 4 more gigs at 1333 of Crucial's RAM. does anyone have a suggestion or a review of Crucial before I proceed?
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    Keep the Cosair, Crucial is very good for not as good as Corsair and for overclock can be problematic.
  2. Would you suggest upgrading to 1600 for my chipset or should I just add 4 more gigs at 1333?

    I'm a software engineer and multi-task a lot...not worried about gaming though because I have the GTX590. I mainly want to run Eclipse, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Visio simultaneously without any lag
  3. I'm also planning to oc to at least 4.7 (which shouldn't be a problem for the 2600k) so thanks for the advice on avoiding Crucial!
  4. For those programs is better get more RAM than faster RAM, I'd go with 4GB more for 8GB total and in future maybe you can change to 1600MHz
  5. Ok thank you :)
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