Could problem with graphics cards be root cause of PC issues

I purchased 2 nvidia Quadro NVS 420's. Ive read that if both cards in a pc are not the same that it is possible to have conflicts down the road. Is the same true if they are the same card, but not the same revision? How can i find out what the actual rev and part numbers are? Can i find out in windows7 somewhere. Im only concerned because i bought one card at retail store and the other through ebay a month or two earlier. Ive been having some performance issues with my PC and im getting a little concerned.
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  1. Mostly issues will arise if the RAM is different (size as well as, say, GDDR3 vs GDDR5). So long as they have the same clocks, cores, shaders etc, revision shouldn't matter too much... although maybe someone with more experience in that particular matter can help. I don't see there being an issue tho.
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