Compatible? AMD & Motherboard

Can someone let me know if they are compatible?

AMD X2 7850 AM2+ [...] 6819103677

ECS 7050M (Says AM2+) [...] 6813135086

For the Motherboard Processor Type it states, "Athlon 64 X2 / Athlon 64 / Sempron", does that mean it doesn't take AMD X2?

My recent build had with these two were not able to boot up, and was always in sleep mode. Is this a defective CPU or they are just not compatible.
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  1. Those two are compatible. It sounds like a hardware failure. Start removing components. HDD, then see if it posts. if you have 2 RAM sticks, then pull 1. Post? No? try the other. Still no post? Pull all the RAM out and make sure it has the speaker installed on the mobo. does it give you a beep code? if yes, then probably a bad CPU. if not, then dead mobo.
  2. It must be a dead CPU, I tried all different combinations, different LCDs, different MB(same model), different rams, no rams, video card, onboard video, unplugged all unnecessary things. I just ordered another 7850 I hope it is compatible.
  3. Is your board the 7050M v1 because if it is it doesn't look like it will support the 7850, just AM2 support.

    If its a v2 board then it should be ok, do you have the latest bios installed?
  4. Probably not, but will update soon. I just started installing Windows right now using the AMD X2 4800+
  5. So have you checked that your board is v2.0?
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