Which is better the obsidian 800D or the NZXT phantom? in your opinion

I am building a new system. My budget is $3200. I want the rampage iii MOBO. no liquid cooling.
i really like the look of the NZXT phantom but the 800D appearers to have more features. i want it to look... impressive.

Phantom link:


800D link:


( a joke ) [ look at 800D for a second it looks almost like 8==D ] 800D
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  1. what is a good PSU for either of these cases (1000W)?
  2. For no liquid cooling, I think that the phantom is great especially if you like the way it looks.
    At $200 cheaper, I would definitely go for the phantom, and put some more fans in it. What features are there in the 800D that you like?

    Reviews of the cases:
    If you want, NZXT has a matching 1000w PSU. The corsair HX1000 is always a good PSU, and right now there is a good deal at newegg on the Antec TPQ-1000.
  3. 1) The Corsair 800D is the better case but over twice as much. If you like the NZXT, I recommend you get it.

    2) What is your complete system before we go recommending you a PSU. A 1000W could be way overkill.
  4. i know 1000W could be overkill, but a few years ago a 600W was over kill... and before that 3000W couldn't turn the thing on. thank you all very much.
  5. i like the hot-swappable bays... i wouldn't use them though
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