Upgrade from HD 4770.

Hello gents. It's been a year and half since you guys last helped me build my first rig and it's right about that time to begin my upgrades. I bought a really cheap setup with a E5200 @ 3.0ghz and HD 4770 on a micro board with the Corsair 450w psu. I have a ridiculous 30" dell WFP monitor that I would like to maximize as best I can.

First option is to just replace the video card. What would be my best option without bottlenecking too much, I was thinking either the HD 5770 or even the GTX 460. Would either of these be suitable to maximize on my current setup?

Second option is to replace the cpu/mobo/video. However, I'd like to avoid this and squeeze out every bit of mileage out of my old setup.

I do gaming but mainly use it as a graphic workstation. With my current setup, I can run CS without an issue so I guess the upgrade is geared more towards my gaming...Thanks again fellas.
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  1. Corsair 450W? I'd get an HD5850. Your PSU is rated at 33a on the +12v, and the HD5850 won't use more than 12a running Crysis for an hour.
  2. Whats your budget?
  3. ekg84 said:
    Whats your budget?

    Well...I'd like to get the best video card I can for my current setup and there really isn't a budget to that. But from the above poster, it seems my PSU might be an issue. Here is the link to the PSU that I have.

    As I mentioned, I'd like to avoid getting a new mobo/cpu unless its a lot more bang for my buck to go that route. Maybe I'll have to look for a new psu with my video card, not exactly sure.
  4. Even i would suggest hd 5850 for's a great card and there will be no need to replace your cpu or the power supply for it...
    so go for it..
  5. Your psu is more than sufficient for both GTX460 and hd5850. GTX460 is ~ $50-$100 cheaper than 5850 depending on what model u choose, and 5850 is slightly faster.
  6. Ok, thanks for the quick replies...Looks like I'm headed towards a new route. I've decided to give my mobo/cpu/ram/video card to a buddy of mine whose going to make use of it. Now, since I'm looking to get all those parts, whats the best bang for my buck without going over the 500 range. I'd also like to continue using my 450w corsair psu. Also, I don't intend on SLI/crossfire if that would matter at all. i do lots of creative suite work also if that matters. I don't care if its AMD or Intel either. Thanks!
  7. even gtx 460 is a good one and if you are able to overclock will perform better than a hd 5870....
  8. Get an xfire 790GX MOBO ($100) with a phenom II x4-955 ($150) and a cheap HD5850 ($280).
  9. go with the mobo not having any igp that will save more bucks for you...
  10. shadow187 said:
    Get an xfire 790GX MOBO ($100) with a phenom II x4-955 ($150) and a cheap HD5850 ($280).

    I also need to get ram. Actually that's similar to the build I was thinking last night except to even cut costs more, I went with the phenom II x3 rana 3.0 chip. Would this be a good option since I need to cut costs to get the ram. Or should I get a cheaper video card for the ram and stick with the deneb chip. all of this will work fine on my psu also right?
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    reduce mobo price and cpu price and try to manage it for your ram..
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