Hard drive problems

Plugged my external hard drive via USB and it comes up as Removable Disk (D) when I double click it asks to insert a disk into Removable Disk (D)??? Help anyone!?! dont want to lose information on this hard drive.
Thanks in advance stonelord
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  1. It seems that your drive is corrupted.
    You should try a free hard drive recovery tool to take a chance:
    I have tried this free application to recover my inaccessible data from the corrupted drive. It won't let you down! Go try it!
    Pay attention:
    1. Stop using this drive immediately to avoid overwriting your original data. The rewritten can be erased permanently.
    2. Save your recovered data on a different drive in case of recovery failure.
    3. You are supposed to buy a new drive for the future use.
    4. Back up your data regularly in the future.
    3. Delete some useless files regularly to avoid drive corruption in the future.
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