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Ooi fellas,I am a Canadian resident looking for a strictly gaming PC. After being a avid console gamer for 20+years,I finally got fed up with the sub-HD gaming experience on PS3 and XBOX360 offerings. So please help me get out of this mess.
My budget is $2000-$3000 (over/under NP)
My current PC is badly in need of upgrade,I purchased it in 2001,with minor upgrades since then,RAM,graphics card.
I plan on PC gaming with Panasonic Viera LCD 1080P model TC-37LZ800
I hope PC can hookup through HDMI if not,then it does have 15pin layout VGA terminal.
So basically the Pany can handle max res of 1920x1080/60p/24p through HDMI and VGA max at 1280x1024@60

!!!PLEASE KEEP IN MIND,MAX resolution is 1920x1080!!!
Processor: Intel or AMD
Mobo: MSI Big Bang X Power/Gigabyte X58A-UD9
Graphics Card: Radeon 5970/GeForce GTX480
CASE: MEH,keep cool
PSU: Is this thing on?
DVD/BD: Burn baby,BURN!!!

All other BELLS&WHISTLES like cooling accessory,mouse,keyboard,controllers,(XBOX360 pad work). I would appreciate your input on those as well.

Thanks sooo much!!!
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  1. Never spend $3000 if this is your first build from CONSOLES then you don't need this much power, its not needed at all. $1500CAD is great.

    i5 760

    P7P55D-E Deluxe

    GTX 470/460 in SLI (that means 2 cards)

    4gb of ram,

    $20 cheap sata dvd burner

    PSU... Priced good 80+ gold 1000w power supply.
    PSU... Overpriced 80+ gold 850w power supply

    SSD - pick one and tell us

    Case, HAF 912, HAF 922, HAF 932, HAF 942

    You are gonna need to know how to use the keyboard and mouse because you will get pwnd by a lvl 1 with an XBOX 360 pad.
  2. Thanks Mr Pizza for the tips. :bounce:

    After much research,I have concluded that I have a GREAT GAMING MONSTER in the

    CPU: Intel Core i7 950~$298.99
    MOBO: MSI Big Bang X Power~$279.99
    GFXC: XFX Radeon HD 5970 BLACK EDITION~$736.99
    HDD: WD VelociRaptor 600GB~$279.99
    SSD: Micron RealSSD P300 50GB~TBA OCTOBER 2010 (WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE 64bit)
    CASE: Corsair Obsidian 800D FULL TOWER~$278.99
    PSU: CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold Series 1000W~$221.99

    I need clarification on last two components...but that will be for another day :whistle:
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    Really, wait for the new cards to come out. It's only gonna be a month
  4. Hmmm just one month you say...if that's the case won't Radeon HD 5970 take a price hit.

    Now onto more pressing matters. The RAM issue with Intel Core i7 900 series CPU's only support DDR3-1066 memory type. With that said,it limits my choices in RAM selection. Furthermore it has tri-memory channel with 24GB MAX.

    So RAM configs would look like:
    3GB/1/1/1 }
    6GB/2/2/2 }
    9GB/3/3/3 }
    12GB/4/4/4 }@1066MHz
    15GB/5/5/5 }
    18GB/6/6/6 }
    21GB/7/7/7 }
    24GB/8/8/8 }

    Is there a specific manufacturer I should target in choosing RAM,ie Quality,Cool run/Performance. How much RAM is needed for GAMING?

    The last missing component is the Optical Disk Drive. I need a Quality and Speedy drive. What are top three manufacturer's. And should I go straight DVD or BLU,what about combo the two?

    Your input is greatly appreciated!!!
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