Is my computer suppose to be this slow?

Is my computer suppose to be ridiculously slow without a graphics card? My GTS 250 broke and was sent to the repairs, and ever since, my computer has been awfully slow. Openning programs are slower, and the videos on youtube also lag often. I thought this was a virus, and thus downloaded a lot of anti-virus such as trojan remover, and spyware terminator, but its all clean.

I'm a total idiot when it comes to computers and I'm worried about my PC so any help at all would be appreciated thanks!
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  1. You need to list your system specs otherwise we can't possibly begin to tell you...

    For videos it could easily get stuttering without a discrete GPU, but I can't see openning programs being affected by it.
  2. AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000
    Ram: 3.2 GB
  3. motherboard?? as you are using an onboard igp now...
  4. um my motherboard is Asus M2A-MX
  5. Hey have you tried using ati drivers or upgraded to ati drivers after your gts 250 was broken??
  6. nope. My computer has been graphics card-less ever since the GTS 250 was broken.
  7. hey now the igp is all that you are left with ...and for it's proper working you should install the ati drivers....install first and then see the difference
  8. ^ +1

    Yeah if you don't have the integrated graphics drivers installed it will have issues. IMO for now, delete all your Nvidia drivers and also download and install the latest ATI drivers for that mobo.

    Be sure to follow proper procedure - delete old drivers, run Driver Sweeper and a registry cleaner, then install new drivers.
  9. ^+1
    this is the proper way to install the drivers....for its proper working..
  10. Do you mean the processor driver? or graphics driver?

    edit: sorry guys, but could you redirect me to where I can download the ATI driver. I'm searching on google but it might not be the correct one :/
  11. the graphic the latest ati catalyst 10.6 or the more stable 10.4 and then check

    Just fill in the boxes with the right info - Integrated Motherboard Graphics in the first one, then pick the series it is (I'm not sure might be X1200 or X1250. Your mobo manual should probably say)
  13. Actually he has the AMD 690G chipset ... so the above two specified drivers will be just fine for him...
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