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Hey, I bought 4x4GB of Kingston's Sandy Bridge PnP cards and recently (I've only owned this laptop a month), ive been getting blue screens due to "Memory Manager" and Starcraft 2 occassionally crashes because of "Access Violation" with the memory.

I booted up MemTest not knowing how to use it, and overnight (7.5 hours) it had 100k+ errors (2 passes).

What should I be doing now? Do I unplug all RAM and run MemTest with 1 stick at a time? I read online I should be running it for at least 4-5 passes, but I'm assuming that as soon as I get an error (whether its 5 seconds in or 5 hours in) I can cancel the test and label it faulty?
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    make sure the bios is setting the correct speed for the ram and correct voltage my board sets 1600mhz at 1.5v when it should be 1.65v--setting it manually solves all the problems or setting xmp does as well

    if settings are ok then yes memtest one module at a time--errors usually show up very quickly so no need to run it ages
  2. Thanks, I checked out the bios. I'm using a Dell M4600 so they have their own setup interface. I couldn't find a place to set the memory options, but it was showing the right speed. Didn't show voltage anywhere, but my sticks are 1.5v.
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