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Hi all i was wondering wich Headset will work better Logitech G35 or Logitech G930, They are both the same but one is wireless and the other is USB .... but the problem is that the intenet i have on my pc is from wireless signal from my router and i read a review on amazon saying that the wireless one causes problem in wireless internet connection since both of them operate at 2.4Ghz so....is this true can the usb reciver from the headset can actually cause wireless internet connection to drop???
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  1. If they both use the same frequency band (2.4Ghz) it can cause issues, when you usethe headset it could either drop your wireless connection, or lower it's signal strength. If you have a strong signal it probably isnt to much to worry about, it is when you have a very weak signal that it could cause your connection to drop..

    If your wireless has a weak signal try to find out that doesnt use the 2.4Ghz band. Or if you used a wired USB one and that will solve the problem.

    USB recievers are not the only thing that can cause problem, some portable phones use the 2.4Ghz band which can cause wireless problems, microwaves use 2.4Ghz and will completely destroy your signal (if the router or the computer is near it) until it is done microwaving.
  2. Its also worth noting the G35 ignores the soundcard you have installed, and for a USB soundcard, is exceptional quality wise.
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