Random reboots/Monitor shutdown

Hey guys,

I have a asus m4a78t-e with dual radeon 4850 running at stock speed. Since this morning, either my monitor shut down 2-3 mins after booting or my pc simply reboots.

I tried both of my video cards alone in my case and I still get that results. I also switched pci-e cable that was plugged in my card.

Could it be my PSU ?

I have a corsair 650W PSU.
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    Can be PSU can be motherboard unlikely that it is both GPU´s. Any change you can try another PSU?
  2. Could be your RAM as well, check your RAM voltages and timings in your BIOS and adjust if needed to the recommended specs for your RAM
  3. The PC has been running for 6 months pretty much 24/7 without any problems. Could it still be a wrong RAM voltage/timing.

    I will try my GPU on my buddy computer. I will try another PSU as well

    Can it really be something else other than PSU/MB ?

    Thanks guys
  4. Well if you've been running fine for a while, chances are it isn't a RAM issue, though its possible one of your RAM sticks could be dying/dead, or one of your DIMM slots is dying/dead. To rule it out, try each of your RAM sticks one at a time, and in each DIMM slot and see if you still get the failures. It's hard to imagine ALL of your RAM sticks failing at once, so if you still get the same crashes, then its probably not the RAM and more likely the mobo itself or the PSU.
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  6. For some reason, by swapping PCI-E cables from my PSU, it seems to work fine now.

    I find it strange since I tried this at first and it wouldnt work but after a couple of other attempts, I tried it againt and it worked out.

    It has been running 24/7 again without any problem for a week now

    Cheers all!
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