SSD (Samsung 830 128gb) is as fast as thumbdrive...

So something is seriously wrong with my computer.
I've been using the Samsung 830 128gb in my computer since July, and it's felt fast but I guess I didn't notice much improvement over the ole' hdd.
I just did a benchmark test and the speeds made me cringe :/
Seq R=250mb/s W=19.57mb/s
4k R= - W=1.51mb/s
I gave up on the test because it was taking so long.
My system specs are as follows =
Phenom II x4 920
8gb DDR2-800 ram
GTX 460
Samsung 830 128gb SSD
500gb seagate or something
1tb something
Windows 7 Pro x64

When I try to update the AMD chipset, upon restart I get BSOD and have to restore.
When using the Samsung SSD magician, it does not recognize my SSD (even though it shows as Samsung 830 etc...).
Seq R and W speeds for other hard drives are fine at ~100MB/S, but the 4k speeds on are also dismal (1mb/s below), dunno if this matters.

THANK YOU! I am contemplating just reinstalling windows, I don't know what else to do. (could the mobo be failing?)

I doublechecked, the partition style is MBR, not GPT, so that's ok. And it is setup as AHCI in bios.
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  1. you need to use the amd ahci driver...
  2. And set the bios to ahci, but first try a cmos reset. If bios was not set to ahci, you will need the registry hack after setting it to ahci. Install the amd drivers after that.
  3. It's been set to ahci from the beginning. Installing the amd chipset drivers for ahci give me BSOD.
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    BSOD code?
  5. Well, after my googl-fu failed to bring any results, I just reinstalled windows. Just about done redo-ing everything... this time I'll make a system image. Speeds are ~260mb/s and 200mb/s using Sata II
    Thanks for the advice!
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  7. I spoke too soon, there is still something 'off'. Using the default MS ahci driver, I get the correct fast speeds. BUT the boot time is about 1.5mins. I install amdsata ahci driver, and the boot time improves to 40seconds, BUT the speeds drop down to 30mb/s.....
    My next computer will be intel, f*ck this (these aren't the first problems I've have with amd).
    I'm off to bed.
  8. I would contact Gigabyte and ask them. You could also try asking Samsung. I have a (AMD) ASUS M5A99X, FX8350, 8GB 1866 with a 830 ssd and boot times are about 6 seconds after the BIOS with W7-64. R&W speeds are maxed according to Magician. Even with my older 790GX, 965 and 50GB Vertex 2 (a slightly slower ssd) , I was getting 12 second boots. You could have a Sata II compatibility issue. You could get 1333 RAM too. IS your SSD full. It should be very fast if it is less than half full. Filled, it will slow a bit. If you plan to fill it up, you should consider using more over-provisioning which is at the expense of some usable space. I have a far more expensive Intel system too, but I wouldn't automatically assume your problems are specifically because your system is AMD based. If you have the patience to re-install you OS, you should definitely try contacting the manufacturers too. Perhaps Gigabyte has people in their Q&A for your MB with the same type of issues...and hopefully the solution.
  9. I see you have an old AMD Socket 770 motherboard that does not support modern SATA 3 6Gb/s solid state drives such as a Samsung 830 ssd. That is only part of your problem. Your motherboard was developed before consumer ssd's became popular. As a result the motherboard will not always play nice with your ssd.

    Time to start think about a motherboard upgrade.
  10. I just opened a ticket with gigabyte. I can't afford any upgrades.
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