What is a wireless access point?

I am thinking of buying a satellite receiver which have the ability to record channels and save them on the computer via network.

The ordinary place of a satellite receiver is just near the TV, and the TV is kinda far from my wireless router so using a long ethernet cable would be a lame idea that would make the flat looks bad from inside.

My wireless router is near the computer and connected to it with an ethernet cable, another computer in the bedroom is connected to the router using a wireless USB network adapter.

And for those who are curious why do I use a router, the internet connection here goes like this,
telephone service provider sends a cable which is connected to a telephone circuit all over the flat with many sockets distributed in nearly every where, a normal telephone cable is connected to any sockets of those and to the router, the router is connected with ethernet to the computer or in the mean of wireless if it has the ability like mine.

But then I came across something that may solve the problem, a wireless access point,
actually I am not sure what is that, but what I understood is that this thing is first connected to the computer to be configured and the network settings are assigned to it just like a normal computer in the network control panel, IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and both of the DNS.

The default gateway that is to be assigned is the router, then this device which have ethernet output ports connects to the router giving internet access to the devices connected to it, giving that when configuring the network settings, the default gateway will be the IP address of the access point which was configured before.

So, did I understand it right?
if not, what did I messed up with? or what is the actual use of the wireless access point?

If it matters, my router is D-LINK DSL-2640U and the wireless USB adapter I have is D-LINK DWA-110.
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  1. Here is exactly what I need, <something> that connects to the router wirelessly and then give it to the satellite receiver by ethernet.

    Is there is something like that? I think what I need here is an access point set to be on wireless client mode, is that right? if it is, does all access points have that option in their settings?
  2. Wireless Bridge.
  3. Can you give a little more explanation please?
    I thought the AP client would do it, the access point just connects to the router wirelessly as a laptop or as a wireless network card and shares the internet via ethernet to the receiver.

    What is the difference between wireless bridge and AP client in my case?
  4. This is exactly what I need
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