Mobo wont post or boot PLZ HELP!

Okay here it goes....

This is my second computer that i have built... and naturally i wasnt expecting any unfixable issues at completion.. but it turns out im stumped and quite upset... and hoping that some people on here will be albe to help me in any way :(

This rig is completely new with all new parts ordered from new egg and bought at my local frys electronics.

mobo -



the gpu is a gtx 460 (i have a second one but for the sake of troubleshooting, im only using one)

the PSU is an Antec 850 watt with all the proper connections. for my setup

i have 2 300 gb seagate barracudas sata 3.0 but again for the sake of this issue i only have one connected.

and a cooler master v8 heatsink... wich is fastend as securely as possible.

and finally i have a basic asus cd/dvd rom drive with a sata connection.

After setting everything up and connected everything properly, this inclues all the power connecters for the CPU (8 pin) the heatsink fan, the 24 pin mobo connector, the cd rom is connected with a sata cable into sata port 1, the hardrive is connected via sata into sata port 2, and the gpu is connected properly with 2 6 pin pcie connectors (side note, i cannot bypass the gpu as there is no onbaord vga connector of any kind). The ram is pushed in all the way properly and is in the correct slots for tripple channel according to the sticker on the mobo clam shel case.

i hit the power button.. i took note of the led debug dispaly located on the mobo and it shuffles through (rather quickly) codes F3 F4 68 and 69 before shutting down in about 6 to 10 seconds, at which point it automatically restarts itslef to the same effect.. the only way to shut it down is to hit the PSU switch on back..

Ive trouble shooted with the other sticks of ram that are currently working on my older 790i ultra mobo, and the same thing happend.

Also worth mentioning is there is no beeping sounds or antyhing, then again i have not installed the small mobo speaker thing.. which i will be doing when i get home tonight..

Im at a severe loss here as i dont have any idea what it could be... the cpu is mounted properly and i put an appropriate ammount of thermal grease on the top of it... the led lights for the ram sockest is lit up for the small duration before it restarts itslef (the light it yellow).... if scoured google and other forums and cant figure it out... this rig in total cost me near 1600 dollars and id be gald for ANY educated insight from anyone...

Plz and thank you :(
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  1. Sounds like your mobo is just faulty. Best thing to do is to buy a cheap, compatible one from Fry's to check if your parts work and to isolate the issue to the mobo. If it solves the issue, then you can just return the cheap one to Fry's and RMA your x58 for a working one.

    Otherwise, follow the guide above for some more extensive troubleshooting procedures.
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