Put in 6gb ram pc only says 4gb

Hi, I'm new here because I needed a little help. I have a Dell xps 1640 windows 7 that came with 2 sticks of 2gb ram. I replaced one of the sticks with a 4gb stick so it should be 6gb of ram. When I booted my pc everything was normal and I checked my computer properties and it said I only had 4gb of ram.. how is that possible? I took out a stick of 2 and there was 1 more stick of 2 and I added a stick of 4. it should be 6! I'm stumped.. thanks for reading please reply :??:
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  1. Is your version of Windows 32-bit or 64-bit? If it is 32-bit then you can not go higher than 4GB.
  2. its 64 bit :P
  3. OMG it randomly says 6GB now.. that is really weird.. if it goes back to 4 then I'll post something else.. once again, thanks for reading :D
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    No problem. Switched without you changing anything? That's odd. Good luck, post if it happens again.
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