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First of all My family is from Hong Kong but I was born here. So I was about to build a new computer for Christmas and was ordering my parts from newegg when my mom told me to ask my uncle first since he can get it cheaper.

I was a little suspicious about it but I gave him the list of what I was gonna get because my mother made me. So a few days later my uncle comes over with a few of the parts I wanted(Core I5 750, Intel 80GB ssd, 1tb samsung HD, and an Asus 5850) and said this is all he could get. I asked him how much it was and he told me to just give him $450 dollars and if it didn't work just call him. I asked him where he got it and he just told me from some people hes knows in chinatown.

I'm pretty sure they are stolen/faked parts from Hong Kong. Is there anyway I can track it or they can track me. My cheap Chinese side wants to keep them but I don't think I should. Also, I doubt there are any warranties for theses things. Does anyone know anything about checking if its genuine stuff.
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  1. but I was born here.
    Congrats, first person I've heard of who was born on the internet.
    AFAIK, all of the parts you mentioned have a level of tech that means there are no cheap chinese knockoffs.
    What they most likely are is items that "fell off the truck"
    There would be no warranty on those parts.
    Most will have an id number, so yes they can be traced.
    It's never a good idea to buy hot merchandise, but milions of people do.
    If you get caught with it, the cops have to prove you knew it was stollen. (yeah, your admission here is proof), otherwise all they can do is conviscate it.
    Your problem is getting your mother to get your uncle to take it back.
    Good luck with that.
  2. Sorry when I wrote "here" I meant in America. I think I'm just gonna get him to return it since I don't think $150 I would save is worth the trouble. Now to convince my mother that the warranties on these things are worth $150.
  3. What about ethics and morals?
    Right and wrong?
    What about a guilty conscience that could never fully enjoy what isnt
    rightfully yours.....
  4. Nobody knows where these came from, they could just be back door deals from a store owner who owes for a few favors.
  5. If you had bought them from newegg you wouldn't be able to use the warranty anyway, with the shipping costs from hong kong to the US then back to hong kong it'd be better just to buy new parts.

    And it's your uncle dude, if you can't even trust your family the who the hell are you going to trust!
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