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I recently installed a new video card 5770hd. I have used two dvi connector on the back. One is connected to my monitor (ACER20inch,1400x1025) . The other one is connected to my tv Samsung( 37 inch 1950x1025) I want to use the TV for movies watching and the monitor for program and gaming. The problem I'm having is when I turn on both monitor I open a mediaplayer it shows on both screens. How can I fix it so when both are on I can move the mediaplayer to my tv screen. Sorry it seems simple but I tried using CCC but it shows my display as ACEr+ Samsung I have no idea how to break these in two.
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  1. Have you tried resizing the window of the media player? If it's currently maximized, it will fill both monitors. Don't maximize, just adjust to fit on the monitor you want, move it to that monitor, and it should remember the setting in the future.
  2. sounds like you have it set to mirror the desktop on each monitor. you want to change it to extended desktop (in CCC)
  3. Set it to extend desktop rather than clone, then you should be able to move the media player over to the tv and it will only be over there.
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    From the Acer 20in, open Catalyst Control Center.
    From the Graphics Drop Down, select Desktops and Displays
    In the lower right, you should see both displays (Acer and Samsung)
    Right Click the Samsung display and select Disable.
    If prompted with the "Do you want to Keep these settings" select yes.
    Right click the Samsung again and this time, select Extend.

    Once your display is extended across both monitors, you can then move the media player over to the secondary display for watching movies.

    -Wolf sends
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  6. Thanks everyone. Wolf that was very helpful I got it to work.
    just want to add my CCC was setup in advanced mode thats why I'm seeing the display as Acer + samsung and I have no way of changing it. I chnage the mode to basic... from there i disable the clone and extended my desktop.
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