Intel i7 tubo boost function

hello everyone

i have been curious about intel i7 turbo boost function
i did looking on google to get information
but i still have some question remain here
so someone can share some info here

from what i learn
intel turbo boost function automatically started (of course we need to enable the function on the bios)
and it will increase the clock speed with max 333mhz
as i am using i7 950, i tried to get max speed from turbo boost, which is specified to reach 3.33Ghz max on turbo boost

but from my test using intelburntest/prime95, i only get 3.197mhz max
i am aware that 3.33Ghz only reached by running one core only instead multi-core
and i did run intelburntest with 1 core but still getting 3.197mhz

on cpuid (cpu-z)
when on turbo boost, it showing multiplier goes to x24
i believe i need x25 to reach 3.33Ghz (25x133=3325)
but how to set max multiplier to x25?

i don't need to overclock the cpu, but want to know how to reach max specified turbo boost clock

thanks in advance
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    You can't force the CPU to run any higher than 3.197GHz w/o overclocking it. Probably, you are just stressing one core but the background applications are running on the other cores. This is preventing Turbo from kicking in. FYI, My friend's computer has an i7-920 and , as you mentioned, It almost constantly runs @ 2.8 GHz (133Mhz faster than 2.66GHz official speed).
  2. Turbo Boost only works under a certain set of circumstances:

    1.) The processor is below a certain threshold with regards to TDP
    2.) The processor is running a single-threaded application
    (possibly some others that I can't quite remember at this juncture)

    The reason that the proc won't run in TB mode is because Prime95 is both a multi-threaded AND processor intensive process. If you were running an old game or something to that effect you'd notice the multiplier jump around dynamically as heat requirements, etc change. There is no way to force TB to run at a specific multiplier without overclocking the proc itself.
  3. thanks for the reply everyone!
    wish can give both best answer
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