This Computer Decent With 5670? (gaming)

with the Ati Radeon HD 5670 or 5770 if the power supply works with it, will it be alright/decent for gaming?
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  1. Mithness said:

    with the Ati Radeon HD 5670 or 5770 if the power supply works with it, will it be alright/decent for gaming?

    What games do you plan on playing, and what resolution, the 5770 would be a better choice but that computer has a no name 300 watt PSU I dont think you could run a 5770.
  2. It depends on the resolution of the monitor

    More pixels , means you need a more powerful gfx card . Yje 5770 is definitely the stronger of the two

    before you buy make sure the motherboard has a x16 PCI-e slot for a graphics card . Some motherboards in systems like that dont . They are built down to a price and they cannot be upgraded or expanded .

    You may be better off building your own system . It might cost a bit more , but it will be exactly what you want
    What is your total budget ?
  3. uhh well i proably wouldnt get the moniter and crap with it i'd proably keep my old moniter and just keep the computer but my native resolution is 1280x1024 and i know the 5770 is the better one lol im just not sure if the power supply will handle it, and my computer is from 2007 and its motherboard has a pcie x16 and the only reason im buying a new computer is becuase my old computer only supports am2 CPUS (i know get a new motherboard) but im to lazy so will it be decent with bassically any game like gta IV (bad port i know) Tf2 and so on... at 1280x1024 hopefully maximum but i dont really care
  4. The monitor in that package is 1920 x the the question as to "will it be alright/decent for gaming ?"....define decent. If you want to play the new DX11 games at HD resolutions and full detail settings, consider the 5830 the entry point.

    At your existing monitor's resolution just about any $60 vid card will handle it.

    This test showed the 5830 at 20 fps in AvP and though it's great buy at $239, even the 460 SC only gets 24 fps which while bearable doesn't hit the magic 30 fps mark most peeps consider the minimum.

    Of course, cranking down the detail will bring those fps scores up quickly. A 300w PSU is more suited for an office environment. For what you are spending there + a vid card, I'd suggest building new.
  5. no im not buying the moniter i like my 1280x1024 lol i don't need a massive resolution's lol and i just want the 5670 and i might not even get that and buy 270$ in upgrades im just thinking which would be better...
  6. The HD 5670 will be fine at your resolution. Of course the HD 5770 will give you better performance, but you will need to buy a new power supply as well.
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