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Multiple SSD,s can I use a non system SSD for Cache on Storage HDD

December 31, 2012 12:50:56 AM

Hi there forum.
I have just replaced the old 60 gb OCZ agility 3 drive I used for system. ( thanks for the help solving the cloning problem I had with that.)
Now I have a spare SSD to play with. (lucky me)
I have a Samsung 256gb 830 for system use/ Office etc.
A 240 GB OCZ Vertix 3 for working projects/ games etc
A 2 Tb Samsung F4 for storage.
Can I use the 60gb OCZ as a cache for my storage drive ?
Fancycache ?
Some other solution ?
Spanned drives ?
Is there any point ?
If not, any other (polite) sugestions on what to use it for? Paper Weight ? Or what have you.
It seems a wast not to use it for something. It cost a fair bit of moolah, when I purchased it.

I use a 64 bit install of windows 7/ With a Z68 M/B/ an i7 2600k. /GTX 560Ti/ 16 gb ram. It is 1000 times more capable than myself, and vastly in excess of my needs. But I like to carry a big stick. It will, in any case, be a small stick before long, as progress whittles it down to matchwood.