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Hi im new here and im seeking help i cant seem to find anywhere. I have a e8500 Oc'd to 3.8ghz and im worried its bottlenecking my 4890 crossfire? if so would it be a good idea to upgrade to a q9505? upgrade mobo and cpu to and i5/i7 is out of the question as i am very short on money anyone have any ideas

im sorry i cant supply u with alot of specs as im not near my pc for the next few weeks.
2x2gb g skill pc3 10600 1333mhz
thermaltake evo blue 750w
Wd green caviar 1tb
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  1. It COULD be bottlenecking your GPUs. Do you know frame rates while gaming? What games?

    The e8500 @ 3.8GHz is respectable. If you wanted to upgrade that 775 platform and are money conscious, I would suggest a Q6600 or Q6700. Both those quad cores can be overclocked and would come in cheaper than the Q9505.
  2. if i oc'd to 4 or 4.2ghz (i got some zalman cooler forgot what it was sorry) would that be enough to illeaviate the bottleneck? Fallout 3 was dropping from 60fps to to anywear to as low at 25 or 26fps not even being in intense combat just walking in deserted areas, borderlands dropping to 29fps in combat and large open areas. i was obtaining a q9505 as a gift for my 18th if it turned out to be suitable chip for fixing this problem. dont have many graphics intensive games to compare to sorry but wanting buy some. also would the c2q be good for a games like L4D?
  3. The difference between 3.8GHz and 4.0GHz - 4.2 GHz won't be noticed all that much. It is hard to say for sure.... I would walk through the "Finding CPU/GPU Bottlenecks" articles and see if you can narrow it down.

    Part 1 =>,2737.html
    Part 2 =>,2738.html
  4. thank you it helped me quite a bit im going to get quad and see if that helps a bit if it dosent not to much of a loss i guess. thank you so much for your help :)
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