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My ram usage is very high on my desktop computer. I have windows 7(64 bit) and is runs just at 50% with no programs running and just needed processes. I have a 4 GB gddr3 ram stick and it just seems weird how my laptop has 2 gb of ram and runs at 28% to 32% on windows 7(64 bit). When I play games on my desktop computer like fallout 3 and have a couple windows open and Skype running it runs around 90%. I thought only 1 4GB ram stick would be enough but I guess not, I am probably going to add another 4GB stick. Doesnt this seem weird to yall? Thanks
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  1. You don't tell us which motherboard you are using, but most modern (desktop) motherboards support dual channel memory. Dual channel memory requires two DIMMs to work. Most motherboards will run with one DIMM, but they will run somewhat slower, because they have to access the DIMM twice in a row to get what they would normally get in one shot (from two DIMMs). If you only want 4GB, you are better off with 2 x 2GB instead of 1 x 4GB, so that you get dual channel. Adding a second 4GB DIMM is a good idea, but it must be the same size / make / model / spec as the current DIMM. Also, make sure you put it in the right slot. Generally, the motherboard will have two different colours of DIMM slots. Put the second DIMM into the slot of the same colour as the current DIMM (that will set up dual channel for you). It is common for the two slots of one colour to be interleaved with two slots of another colour.

    Laptops are different from desktops. They will run happily with a single SODIMM.

    Using 2GB of RAM without any programs running is unusual. I'd be somewhat concerned about that, because it could mean you have malware of some kind running. You might want to check to find what it running, and how much RAM it is using. Task manager will show you what is going on if you add a few columns to the Process display.

    I would also suggest scanning your machine with legitimate anti-virus / anti-spyware / anti-malware software. Be careful not to fall for any fake AV - there are some quite sophisticated ones. Buy some real AV software (Norton, for example). If you don't want to pay, then use something like Microsoft Security Essentials.
  2. I built my comp and it is a Biostar A880GU3 motherboard, I know I wanted an ASUS because they are better boards and have 4 ram slots but didnt want to spend extra 70, I have AVG antivirus free I scan my comp everyday and nothing shows up also I don't download many things. Ever since I built my comp it has been like this and I know where the ram slots are and I know I put it together right. I just thought it is weird that's it is like this, but your probably right i need to get another ddr3 4gb stick, I am probably going to have to by 4gb stick and it is the corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9B Vengeance. Thanks for the answers
  3. i think windows uses the ram you throw at it up to 4gb.. throw in anouther 4 gig in there and your find it will sit quite nicely!

    im on 8gb and its using 20 - 35% with just internet explorer running!

    i wouldnt worry about it! if its in its the 80% usage with out useage then start to worry! :)
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