I Need Storage Setup Help! [PLEASE]

I currently have a gaming rig, that I use for gaming, surfing the web, video recording, and little video editing. My current hard drive is 1tb, and I am looking into purchasing a new storage setup. I have some questions about how I could make a 1xSSD 2xHDD setup work, if it is at all possible.

Would I be able to have a small SSD for strictly my os, a HDD solely for games, and then another HDD for data and my programs?

EXAMPLE: OS on SDD, GAMES on HDD1, and USER FILES/EVERYTHING ELSE on HDD2 (or vice versa, user files on hdd1 and games on #2)

Is this even possible? Would it reduce performance? Do the HDDs have to be the same size? If it is possible, how would I go about doing it? IS IT SAFE?

I plan on formatting my current hard drive anyway, so basically Im going to be "starting over" with this computer.

Sorry about all of the questions, I just really need some help here.
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    Yes to all of the above, and that is what most people do do. Usually just have the SSD for the O/S and maybe a few games, and the use the HDD for storage, and programs and games.

    However, when you point applications to install to one of the HDD drives intead of the SSD, it might still install some folder and a few files onto the SSD.

    Basically, all that you would do is ONLY connect the SSD and then install the O/S.
    Then you can hook up the two HDD(s) and install your programs, games, and storage.
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