Will this power supply run a 9600GT/GSO

I am at a 60$ budget and was going to get a 9600 off of ebay or something close to that so I can get rid of my 8600gt which will be used to buy a new power supply but if I can power a 9600gt/gso card off of my 400watt power supply in the mean time ill do that then sell my 8600GT on craigslist or something.

Anyways this is my power supply

I was wondering what cards I can power on that?

My System Specs

Gigabye Motherboard M-ATX MA785GM-US2H
Silverstone 400 Watt Power Supply
500GB WD Caviar Black
AMD Rana 425 2.7ghz Tri-core
3GB of Memory. 1 2GB Stick and a 1GB stick in unganged mode at 800MHZ. PC6400

I am getting tired of my 8600GT.
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    Silverstone is a good brand and that PSU can easily handle a 9600GT or even better cards. There is no need to replace it.
  2. OK Thanks, So would a 9600GT be the best I could find in a 60$ price range that my PSU can handle? Or would there be better.
  3. yeah it should, I run a 9600 gso and use a noname 350w Psu
  4. OK I found the card I want on ebay. It is a 9600 :) Big upgrade from my 8600GT.
  5. If you are going used you may be able to find a 9800GT for around that price. Or 8800GT, they are the same card. Your PSU can probably even handle an HD4850 which would be even better.
  6. Is an 8800GTS better than a 9600GT?
  7. It depends on which one. The 512mb version is significantly better, the 640mb one is probably a lil weaker and 320mb even more so.
  8. OK, I lost a bid for an 8800GTS on ebay. I will try the sale section here then and wait and see if I get a reply on the 8800GTS 512MB I emailed a person about.
  9. Is 50$ Good for an 8800GT with 512MB memory?
  10. It's not bad. It's better than the 9600GT.
    No luck on an HD4850? Other possibilities are the HD4830 and HD4770.
  11. I got an 8800GT for 45$ on ebay. I hope it runs on my power supply like you guys say, Also ATI is somewhat out of the question as I plan on experimenting with Linux in the future.
  12. That's a good deal. It should be fine on that PSU. Just make suer the person you are buying it from has good feedback.
  13. They have 100% feedback and have sold around 100 items. Also checked the size of my case, though it being a compaq micro-atx case the HD bays do not extend down all the way so there is plenty of room to fit even a 13 inch card into the case if need be. I cannot wait till it arrives :) I have been meaning to get off this 8600GT.
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