SDD fresh build problems. Not proper boot device.

Okay, so I have fixed the problem. But, there must be a way around it to work. This is exactly what I had to do to get it to work as well as what the problem was.

As a quick run down:

Fresh brand new computer.
Only hard drive is a Vertex 4 128gb. There is no secondary hard drive.
Computer boots I go to BIOS
BIOS reconizes SSD and DVD drive.
Set DVD drive (that has windows 7 in it) as first boot device.
Error screen "Reboot and select proper boot device" appears.
Go back to BIOS check to make sure AHCI is set and DVD drive is set.
Still error
Attempt different win 7 disc
Still error
Problem solved via pre install windows on a seperate hard drive plugged into sata and set to boot from there.
Windows stars via hard drive
Initizle SSD via computer management in administrative tools.
My computer reconizes hard drive
Pop the win 7 disc in click install
Install to SSD
Set SSD win 7 as main boot windows
Format 1tb hard drive
Now works.

How can I get around this if I don't have a secondary hard drive to use?
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  1. It sounds as if maybe t he controller that the ssd is hooked up to is not set as a bootable device.
  2. I would agree with this. But here is the kicker. Same problem with my friend's computer. Completely different parts except the hard drive.
  3. yes, it would not have anything to do with the actual drive itself.
    I think that my father's MSI p67A GD65 board has the option to disable a whole controller being able to be bootable, and not just the actual drive. Also the order of the controllers, and thus the devices hooked up to it, can be manipulated.
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