Better Deal??

I'm planning on getting a new gpu...

Should I get a gtx 465 and OC it, or a gtx 460 1Gb? Both are 229 w/ s/h.

Running a Phenom 2 x4, Corsair 550w psu

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  1. Go for the GTX 460, its faster to start with.
  2. get the 460
  3. There's no reason to consider the GTX 465 unless it is significantly cheaper than the GTX 460 1gb.
  4. BTW you may want to consider the MSI Cyclone. It is $5 more but it has a better cooler and comes with a free(and even good) game;
  5. It's better to go with the gtx 460 and then you can oc it...if you oc gtx 460 it will be faster than the hd go for the gtx 460...
  6. There's a Newegg e-blast subscriber code for that Gigabyte GTX 465 (good until the 16th - EMCYWZY87 then subscribe to e-blast to use it). With that applied and factoring the mail in rebate the final cost is $189.99 with free shipping. That is the best deal. $20 cheaper to begin with an another $20 after the rebate. On a card that cost no more than those $40 is "significantly cheaper". Performance wise they are pretty much in a dead heat stock (GTX 460 slightly ahead).
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