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Hi, I have a Asus p8z68-v mobo and I am getting Interference from the audio jack and the front panel headphone socket. Hdmi through my tv works perfectly. I can hear sounds under the interference but quite low. I'm unsure as I didn't test the sound before, but I'm assuming it has something to do with me installing a Belkin g+ pci Wireless card (f5d7000). I've uninstalled and removed the card and still nothing. Tried my pc in a different room with a different stereo. Different wires. It shows the sounds playing on the equaliser but it is drowned by the interference. Anyone have a solution?
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  1. This sounds like a grounding problem. 60Hz buzzes are from power noise getting into the wires. You might want to check all the connections to make sure they are good as well as the solder joints.
  2. Hi, I've been at it all night and I've gotten nowhere. Still the same buzzing, yet fine through HDMI. The sounds (not buzzing) seem slightly louder but the buzzing is still stupidly loud. I've taken my whole computer apart. Re-seated everything. No use. Will this be covered by the warranty. I've only had the board a few months.
  3. Yeah, that should be covered by the warranty.
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