Hello, I just built my custom gaming rig, i have a ocz 120gb SSD i want to use as my boot drive and my WD Caviar blue 1tb as my Storage, the thing is, everything i download goes into my ssd drive, how to i not allow anything to be installed into the SSD, and here's another problem, i did some fiddling with the HD, now everything i do in the HD (creating a new file) creates a file on the desktop, essentially everything i do is mirrored onto the desktop, how do i disable it?

System specs:
Gigabyte H77-d3h motherboard
8gb Corsair Vengeance Ram
1x OCz 120gb SSD
1x 1TB WD caviar blue
Windows 7 HP 64
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  1. On the d : or whatever your hard drive is, make some folders

    I would right click the downloads folder(in your library) and see if it has a location tab. Use that tab to move it to d : \downloads.

    Do the same with other folders in c:\users\yourloginhere\

    Everything on the desktop look like you "moved" the desktop to d : and not d : \ desktop. It should be an easy fix. Use windows explorer to get to the desktop and look for the Location tab, move it to d : \ desktop

    It should look something like this.

    If you promise to only move folders/games/programs and NEVER parts of windows. you can also try this(to move programs what are already on the SSD to the hard drive, always TRY to install in the location you want, but once installed, you can use this) :)

    Please ask if you have ANY questions. Better to be sure.
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