Fan control system wiring.

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this so sorry if it's out of place.

I got a pre built PC from a company and i had a fan controll system in my case. my PSU broke a while ago so i got it fixed by a place near to me and he re wired my whole system but forgot to do the fan controll system. Because i am not very knowlageable when it comes to PC hardware i dont know how to re wire it because i dont know which wires need to go to where. i was wondering if someone could either tell me what they look like or post some pictures of what they look like and where they go. Any help would be greatly appreciated..


Matthew L
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  1. Really you need to post some pics of your fan connections and the connections on the fan controller.

    Usually you have a mix of 4 pin molex and 3 and 4 pin fan connections, the fans need to flow through the controller to allow power/speed adjustments.
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