Which ram with a Noctua NH D-14

Sorry guys, I just saw that not all rams fit into the tiny space left by the processor cooler, and I can't manage to choose a ram that I am sure would fit in for mid to hi end gaming, possibly 1600Mhz ram
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  1. Here is the official Noctua (TM) compatibility list. Assuming you have a dual channel motherboard (i7 860 or below or AMD desktop processors)

    This is a very nice, fast and reliable 4GB kit of ram, it will have no issues with almost any CPU cooler because it is the standard ram height.
  2. I will take a ASUS P7P55D-E Deluxe Motherboard with an intel i7 875K I think, so the ram you mentioned works perferctly, thank's for the info, do you know if it is possible to easily push this ram at 2200Mhz?
  3. 2200Mhz? Thats really pushing it... possible though.. easy overclock with the low voltage
  4. okay, thanks for the info, I think I will finally keep 1600Mhz, that ought to suit me
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