Building budget gaming system - Need advice!


Not really sure how to start this, but okay..

- My current system is as follows:

Athlon 64 X2 4000
ATI 4670 1GB

This was fine for playing games on my old monitor, at 1024x768 or 1280x1024 at some cases. But I got a Samsung P2370MS LCD with its resolution at 1920x1080, and the system is showing its age.

I'm on a budget, but I also managed to find someone to buy my system for a decent price.

- The main use of the PC is gaming. Just hoping I can run FFXIV and Starcraft II at 1920x1080 with high settings, and to last me a few years.

- I took a look around, and the Phenom X2 555 looks like a good processor? I read that usually you can unlock it to a quad core.. What other options are there in its price range?

- And I need a good mobo aswell, as the one I got wasn't, and never got BIOS updates. I need a future-proof one :P

- Regarding the video card, I looked at a few offers of people wanting to trade video cards and found I can trade to:
ATI 4850 1GB for 250 EGP (about 45$)
ASUS GTS 250 1GB for 450 EGP (about 80$)
ATI 5770 1GB for 700 EGP (about 130$)

I think the 4850 looks like a good deal(keep in mind I'm in Egypt, so prices are higher here :( ), but I'm worried it won't do well at my screen's resolution?


Approximate Purchase Date: In about 1-2 weeks

Budget Range: Around $200 for Mobo+Processor, undecided on video card

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Internet, Programming

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Speakers, Case, HDD, Power Supply(it's an HEC 300W, although I could upgrade if necessary)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: No websites applicable for me where I live, so any website is fine, although newegg seems like a nice reference.

Country of Origin: Egypt

Parts Preferences: Probably AMD since what I see as comparable from Intel is more expensive. Wouldn't mind suggestions for it though.

Overclocking: Maybe?

SLI or Crossfire: No (Seems more expensive and complicated,not as reliable, don't see a point in my case)

Monitor Resolution:1920x1080


Thanks in advance for your time!
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  1. The HD5770 is what I would recommend minimum for your resolution. On the motherboard you want to be able to crossfire?
  2. So a 4850 won't be able to pull through? :/
    Well, would a 5770 perform nicely with the 2 games mentioned above?

    I don't really know a lot crossfire, all I hear about it is being unreliable and expensive.
  3. Motherboard without crossfire
    With crossfire
    both boards are based on the newest AMD 8xx series chip set. Similar boards from Gigabyte or MSI would get my recommendation as well.
    The HD5770 should do fairly well on those games
  4. Well, both motherboards are available here, although the second one is expensive X_X
    I think I can get the first one.

    Well, with regards to the processor, is a Phenom II 555 a good buy? I read that dual-cores perform better in games than quad-cores, so I shouldn't get the Athlon X4?

    I didn't mention a specific budget before, as it's not really set in stone, but you probably have an idea of the range I can spend in :P
  5. You should fill out form in sticky, link in my sig.

    We need a budget to give good advice.
    Best bang for buck CPU right now would be Athlon II x3. ~$75 with a decent chance of a unlock to 4 cores.
  6. Added the form to original post.

    So this Athlon would be better than the Phenom I mentioned?
  7. The 555BE is just a fast dual core and is a good gaming CPU. The X3 and X4 are more future proof, if you can call it that, as more and more applications can utilize multiple cores.
  8. So I should go for an Athlon II X4 instead? Any specific one to recommend?
  9. Obviously if you spend more money on an X4 youll get better performance then the 555BE. 5770 is a beast, its the best value right now for $145 most places.
  10. Well, the Athlon II X4 635 seems to be in the same price range, but it looks weaker?
  11. It is a little weaker in single threaded applications (most all games) but stronger in multithreaded and multitasking. There is a possibility that the 555BE will unlock to a x3 or x4 but nothing that is guaranteed.
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