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Hard drive not working anymore

December 31, 2012 4:38:26 AM

I recently bought a 2TB hard drive to backup all my old hard drives (3 320GB, 2 500GB, 1 200GB). Since all my sata ports were being used I decided to unhook one of my 320GB hard drives that didn't have many files to use its sata cable. Since I don't remember the physical location of all my hard drives I turned off my computer and unhooked one at a time till I found it. The new 2TB hard drive works perfectly so far. The problem is one of my 500GB hard drives has now been having serious issues after being hooked back up.

Just the other day I had done SMART checks on all my hard drives and they all were fine. My 500GB has never had any issues at all. It is probably pretty close to 5 years old. But at first it was causing my windows 7 to take an extra minute or so for starting up. It was being really slow at showing files on the 500GB hard drive. It would eventually open files after a couple minutes. I turned off my computer and tried a different sata cable and power connector. It still acted the same.

I tried running HD Tune but now the 500GB hard drive disappears from My Computer and Disk Management before I can run any tests. I would have run a CheckDisk too if I could. So I had my brother bring over his external hard drive enclosure and put it in that. It wouldn't show up in My Computer, but it would come and go in Device Manager. Then it started popping up errors saying it needed to be formatted now. Other than it sounding like it was spinning faster and then slower, it is not making and clicking, grinding, or any other strange noises.

As one last thing I gave it to my brother to put in his computer, not that I expected it to work any different. It sounded like he was having the same getting stuck at windows starting up screen. I should probably also mention that BIOS would still see the hard drive.

I'm at a loss what to try next or what happend to my hard drive. I would love to send it to a recovery place but I hear they cost an arm and a leg. Any ideas?