AMD Red Radeon Makes Fun of Nvidia Fermi's Dawn Spy

Who Do you Side with in Video Gaming Warfarin Coumadin(Oxy But Tin)? A).MechaGodzilla III B).Tinkerbelle Fairy Elf! C) Spy Vs. Spy Reverse Engineer or Are you really the Original One!

Weird Metaphors you get from trying to solve these Multimedia Art! DX11 Revision Close to being Released, Nvidia Getting Cray's Deals, Lots of Deals flying around, AMD Criticizing Nvidia I smell Another Lawsuit in the Mix, with more patents pending unbinded and 3DFX makes the comeback with Via Savage 3D Chrome after Matrox Engineers released from Nvidia and ART-X! Lawsuits and Tied Jurors is millions of lawsuit spending each year! 3DFX was smart for open-sourcing their Patents or Selling Their TeK After Accquiring GigaPixel Glaze Boys 3D= 4DFX! Sell the Stock, Solder the TeK! :pt1cable: :lol: :wahoo:
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  1. Edgar Allen Poe or Cheech and Chong ? I can't decide , lol
  2. Thats I feel sorry for your muther! Don't Be a menace in your hood while drinking your juice Simile? Solution=Decoder Langue Compiler Metaphor of Cliches + Gamerette Chiks=Solved and Debriefed! What Ethnicity and Nationality would you say I am? Ingles/Latin American Spanish/Bashkir Cyrillic Keyboard?
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