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What component/s would give the biggest increase in fps/performance while around alot of people in WoW I.E in dalaran. My specs are

Amd 955 @ 3.2ghz
Asus m3a78-t 790gx mobo
Ocz fatal1ty ddr2 8 gigs
Hd 5970 2gb
WD caviar black 1tb
Corsair 850w psu
Eyefinity 3 @ 5760x1080 resolution

I can't figure out what component would have the biggest impact on the fps in dal. I run maxed everything except shadow an AA at x2 @ around 32fps in dal . Messed with both and no difference when changed. Is it hopeless or is there something that will get me up to around 60fps
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  1. Overclock your CPU a little you will see slight change. You can not improve much in the GPU department except adding another card.
  2. I've oced to 3.6 and had no noticeable improvement. From what I've read WoW docent support xfire so another gpu wouldn't help I wouldn't think. What in a system would deal the most with having to handle all of the other players in a populated area?
  3. Whoop... never mind...

    Original response deleted....
  4. i think hes gaming with an hd5970 2gb?
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