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Hi all im wondering if my i5 with ati 4870 will run battlefield bad company 2 smoothly?any help will be appreciated
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  1. @ wat resolution will u b gaming?
  2. Im not sure thats why im asking what would you recommend?
  3. What is your monitor's native resolution?

    I was running the beta on my 4870 with 512MB and it was doing just fine on 1440x900 but I couldn't max it out. I think I was on high settings with no AA and no HBAO.
  4. my resolution would also be 1440x900,it sounds like it will run the game ok though
  5. I run smoothly (I think min 30 fps, avg 60) on a blend of low and medium settings with a 4850 @ 1920x1080 so you should be fine, you'll just need to tweak the settings to get your max playable setup. (I run DX 9 and no AA no HBAO no bloom FYI).
  6. hello there, well, i have an ATI 4870, running in an AMD Phenom 2 X3 710... (a lower performance processor compared with the Intel i5)

    and y have played bad company 2 in 1920 x 1080 with everything in ultra high... dx10... running at the top of the top the game offers...

    and i had no problem at all, no frame drop... no nothing... when it comes to games, videocards have the last word, not the processors

    and i have played by now: starcraft 2, warhammer DOW2, battlefield BC2, anno 1404... all those games and more, i the highest resolution the game offers... and i havent experienced frame drop

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