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Hello I have a Dell 600m laptop with a
1.5 MHz processor
I also have a dell D610 laptop with a 1.8 MHz processor.
will the cpu from the D610 fit into the 600m?
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  1. Doesn't look like it.

    600M = MB P/N is 4U621 = Pentium M
    D610 = MB P/N is MF788 = Core 2 Duo
  2. Quote:
    no but if the units are the same dimensions (physical) then you might be able to swap them out..

    I assume you mean the mainboard along with the proc, right? Couldn't quite understand what you meant.
  3. The picture of the 600M motherboard looked waaaaay bigger than that of the D610.
  4. The BIOS in "brand-in-a-box" computers are generally hard-wired to support only the CPUs that the computers came with. They don't want you upgrading, they want you to buy a new computer. :sol:
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