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Hello all, I have seen several posts all over Tomshardware and the web of individuals putting together or buying systems for $700, $800. My church is in need of some computer systems, and I hope I can get some guidance and assistance from site members. I am trying to purchase a laptop and a desktop. I am trying to find a laptop which would be used for basic stuff, like Powerpoint, future use EasyWorship or other software to project lyrics, text over video, use to play DVDs without skipping or hicups. Would like to be able to do basic video, audio, photo editing without any errors or difficulties. Burn DVDs/CDs.
I am also looking to get a desktop. The plan is to record sermons using non HD cameras: 1 MiniDV JVC GR-D372U or I also have 2 SD Memory JVC Everio GZ-MS120. Lately I have been using the MiniDV camera. We also have an older Videonics Digital Video Mixer (MX-1 NTSC) which I would like to use to record different angles. I connected the 2 SD cameras to the mixer via RCA connection and connected the mixer to an older laptop using an Honestech VIDBOX USB2.0 VIDBOX MN and I thought we could do some nice things with this older tech if only we had a nice system. I started looking at HP and DELL, and most recently ASUS and Sony systems from Fry's, and the web. I thought of building too, yet I have never built a system before. This system would be used to edit the video, audio, and photos. I am not a pro. Video editing has been done on MovieMaker, Nero editor, and when I had my IMAC G5 before the logicboard died iMovie. Some basic audio editing using Audacity, played around with Acid & Reason. Photo editing done on Gimp, worked on Photoshop and would like to buy it in the future. Even though I am not a pro and the content that I am shooting is not high def, I would like to purchase systems that have the ability to be upgraded in the future. I was hoping for some guidance, some suggestions, recommendations on brands buy or build systems. Not sure if I should stay away from certain brands, certain components, etc. I was asked by the church board what a system would cost and after doing a little research I thought a decent system would cost $1600. So our goal is $1600. What are the chances that I could pull it off with this budget? Do I need anymore info in order to get some help, please let me know and I'll try to answer. Thank you so much for your time and assistance.


I am sure these types of questions are always asked, I am sorry if I posted in the wrong location.
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  3. Build it yourself is more economical, especially for usages in church.Try this as starting reference :
    CPU: AMD X3 440
    Mobo: MSI 880GM-E43
    GPU: onboard
    HDD: 250GB-1TB (adjust to your budget)
    PSU: Antec/Corsair/SeaSonic 350-400W
    OS : Win 7 home premium x64
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