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Hi everyone. I'm fairly new to the forums, but I do know there are a lot of people who can help me out with the issue that I'm having at the moment.

Just today, I've been starting to get these weird white horizontal lines across the screen almost as soon as my computer starts up. I've had this issue a couple months ago but it was only temporarily and have not seen this issue until today. These white lines disappear however after about 5-10 minutes, only to appear later on again. This seems to occur when I'm playing games (Starcraft 2 in this case) but my PC seems pretty up-to-date in terms of its specs.


Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit
Core i7-920 @2.67GHz
9.00GB RAM
GTX 260 1.8Gb
Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster P2370

I've always had around 60-75 temperature avg for my graphics card but ever since today, it's at a consistent 80 C. I've looked around other sites for help and they suggested updating my drivers and Windows, which I did, but still have this issue. Could it be something to do with my monitor? This monitor's pretty new as well and I am clueless at this point as to what is causing these lines. Any suggestions or explanations would be really helpful. Thanks.

EDIT: I've managed to fix it all by myself! :D I went into device manager and checked for updates again on the graphics card, rebooted, and now it's running at 58 C with no signs of issues!
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  1. Glad it's solved and will hopefully stay like that. Come back if you have further issues. (this comment is just so I get notified if you come back with issues ;) )
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