Motherboard choice

Guys i have a budget og 240$ for Motherboards
i have a intel core i7 2600K
vengance 8gb ram
gtx 560 ti

which mobo do i buy

pls help me
these are available to me

saber tooth P67 asus
P8z68 v pro asus
P67A-GD65 (B3) MSI
Z68A-GD65 (B3) Msi

how is msi compared to asus
are msi board reliable

I will have to overcloack so which boards are best for that please do consider this

Plese as soon as possible regards
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  1. mybe this board what u r looking for :

    had many good previews
  2. pls only between these msi worth it

    i heard a lot of compllains abount the gd 65 series
  3. ^^ Every Motherboard has it's issues, Go for something with 4 stars+ and if it suits your needs then go for it.
  4. go with P8Z68 V Pro Asus
  5. how about a asrock z68 extreme 4
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